Amazon Interview Cheat Sheet

Amazon Interview Cheat Sheet in 2024


(updated on 22.02.2024)

Interviewing is a nerve-wracking experience, especially when the company you’re interviewing for is Amazon. And to be honest, we know that the continued hiring slowdowns and layoffs in 2024 do not help with the confidence going into the interviews!

With the advance of AI tools, we see a shift in the hiring processes of many companies and Amazon is not exempt from this. So if you’re a candidate for a role at Amazon, you should be using all the tools available at your disposal to stand out.

Not all is bad though! We have created an extensive post about how to make the interview process easy for you. To help you get ready for your interview we have created an Amazon Interview Cheat Sheet to give you the most comprehensive information on acing the big day.

First of all, the question is: With such a large and diverse applicant pool, how do you make sure your resume stands out?

If you take the appropriate steps and prepare in an organized manner, you can show just how great an asset you would be to the Amazon team.

To help you get ready for your interview we have created an Amazon Interview Cheat Sheet to give you the most comprehensive information on acing the big day.

Getting ready starts by understanding what methods recruiters use when they are evaluating applicants.

Even though many hiring managers consider professional experience and certifications, and even if those apply to you, it doesn’t guarantee that you will get hired.

You must be able to demonstrate why you are unique and how your skills and personality fit their team dynamic.

So, if you are ready to impress your hiring manager, this Amazon interview cheat sheet post is for you!

The Purpose of this Amazon Interview Cheat Sheet Article

This Amazon Interview Cheat Sheet was created to help applicants get ready for interviews at Amazon and our goal is to provide our expertise to as many people as possible. After reading this, make sure to check out our highly popular Top 3 Amazon interview Questions post written by an ex-Amazon regional CMO and our 136 Most Common Interview Questions post.

With so much incorrect information available online about Amazon’s interview process, questions, and prep strategies, we felt it was important to make ours accessible.

This is why we are confident that our guide will provide the best advice possible – because it comes from our experts who worked at Amazon.

Our guide will provide you with all the information you need to know in order to ace your Amazon interview.

We cover topics such as how to research a company, how to practice for an interview, and what types of questions you can expect during an Amazon interview.

With this comprehensive Amazon interview cheat sheet, you can be sure that you have all the tools necessary to succeed in your upcoming interview.

So, what are you waiting for? Read on and get ready to ace your Amazon interview!

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Amazon Interview Cheat Sheet

So, you’re gearing up for an interview at Amazon? Great! Although the interview process at Amazon can be a bit intense, don’t let that stress you out.

To help you get ready, we’ve put together an “Amazon Interview Cheat Sheet” that outlines the key elements of the process.

ProcessWhat to expect?Tips
Job ApplicationAfter applying for the position, you’ll get an email about a phone interview.30-45-minutes call with a recruiter or hiring manager
Phone screen30-45 minutes call with a recruiter or hiring managerBe prepared to discuss your experience and skills in detail
Video screen45-60 minute call with a recruiter or hiring managerGet ready for behavioral questions and prepare with the STAR method.
On-site interviews4-6 hours of face-to-face interviews with Amazon employeesResearch the company and bring relevant questions to ask your interviewers
Final review & decisionFinal evaluation by the hiring team and decision communicatedFollow up with your recruiter after the on-site interviews to express your continued interest in the role

This Amazon Interview Cheat Sheet outlines the key elements of the Amazon interview process so you know exactly what to expect. We’ve broken it down into each step of the process and included tips on how to make the most of each stage.

With this cheat sheet in hand, you’ll feel much more confident and ready to tackle the Amazon interview process with ease.

Amazon Interview Cheat Sheet: Applying for The Job

As you know all too well, the first step to getting hired is applying for the job.

So to apply basically visit the official Amazon Jobs page and when you apply, make sure that your resume and cover letter are tailored to the position you are applying for.

It’s important to highlight any relevant experience or certifications that you have and explain why they make you a great fit for the role.

Also, be sure to include any relevant projects or accomplishments that you have achieved.

It’s really important to have these details in your resume or cover letter because many applicants don’t realize why they don’t get positive feedback from the companies they apply to because they don’t provide enough information about themselves.

Amazon Interview Cheat Sheet: Grasping Amazon’s Work Culture

Amazon is known for its unique culture and ways of working that are rooted in Leadership Principles and there is a reason why culture is near the top of the list in the Amazon Interview Cheat Sheet.

This culture has been built up over the years and has resulted in a distinct approach to innovation.

Amazon strives to be truly innovative, not just reactive or incrementalist.

They focus on creating products and services that offer real benefits to customers, rather than simply adding features for the sake of it.

This approach to innovation is reflected in Amazon’s commitment to customer service.

They strive to provide an experience that exceeds expectations, with quick delivery times, helpful customer service representatives, and a wide range of products and services.

Amazon also encourages employees to think outside the box when it comes to problem-solving, which helps them stay ahead of their competition.

By embracing this culture of innovation and customer service excellence, Amazon continues to be one of the most successful companies in the world.

Amazon Interview Cheat Sheet

Amazon Interview Cheat Sheet: Preparing for The Phone Interview

After you apply for the position, you may be invited to a phone interview by Amazon’s HR team.

Even Amazon is known for its hard interview process, there is no need to worry tho.

They ask questions about yourself and your experiences at this step. The key to success in a phone interview and all interviews is preparation.

Make sure you research the company and the role you are applying for so that you can answer questions confidently and accurately.

This is your chance to make a good first impression and show the interviewer why you are the right fit for the job.

Also, read our phone interview guide for more details here: How to Ace Your Amazon Phone Interview in 2024?

Amazon Interview Cheat Sheet: Ace Your Video Interview

After the phone interview, it is important to be prepared for a video interview.

The first thing you should do is test your gear before the interview. So test your microphone and camera settings to make sure they work properly before starting the call.

Ensure also you are in a well-lit environment as there needs enough light to capture your expressions and reactions. (No need to mention a good internet connection is needed)

During the video interview, make sure to maintain eye contact with the interviewer and be aware of your body language.

It is important to be confident and articulate your answers clearly. Also, remember to smile and be positive throughout the interview.

So, at this stage of your interview process, you’ll expect to answer questions about your experience, skills, and qualifications with some trick behavioral questions.

If you have no idea about what these questions are all about let’s talk a bit about them in the next section of the Amazon Interview Cheat Sheet below.

Amazon Interview Cheat Sheet: Acing The Behavioral Questions

This Amazon Interview Cheat Sheet will not be complete if we did not mention Amazon’s famous behavioral interview questions. Behavioral questions are one of the most important parts of Amazon’s hiring process.

They help your interviewer understand how you respond to pressure, problem-solve, and interact with team members.

To answer these types of questions intelligently and confidently, it’s helpful to have a few strategies in the back pocket.

As an example, make sure to start off each answer by briefly explaining the experience that you’re drawing upon when answering the question.

Then explain in detail exactly what you did or said; be concise but thorough!

Last but not least, draw connections between this answer and how this will be beneficial if you join Amazon. Showing your interviewer how your experience aligns with the values of Amazon is key!

Remember, don’t just focus on how great you were or what you accomplished— emphasize how those experiences will contribute to Amazon if you join their team.

So, as we mentioned at the beginning of this post you’ll find all the necessary information here. This means you can read our behavioral questions and answers post to get a better understanding of the process.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that when you are answering behavioral questions you should use the star method in your response.

Lucky for you we already have an article about the Star method interview questions and answers, along with another article catered for the star interview technique!

But, for some bonus explanation, the next section is for you!

So, get your notebooks ready and get to preparing!

It is always useful to practice your STAR answers using post-it notes or flashcards.

Amazon Interview Cheat Sheet: Mastering The Star Method

The STAR Method is a popular interview storytelling format that can help candidates answer behavioral interview questions.

It stands for Situation, Task, Actions, and Results. The Situation part of the story should provide the overall context that prompted you to act.

This could include the project or problem you were working on, who was involved, and any other relevant details.

The Task part is where you’d talk about what you need to accomplish in order to solve the problem or complete the project. This could include any goals or objectives that had to be met.

Once you’ve outlined the Situation and Task, it’s time to move on to Actions.

Here, you would explain what steps you took in order to achieve your goal or solve the problem.

This could include any research or analysis that was done as well as any decisions made along the way.

This means, in the Results section of your story, you would share how successful your efforts were and what impact they had on the company or team.

By following this format when responding to behavioral interview questions candidates can effectively demonstrate their skills and experiences while also providing a clear narrative for their interviewer to follow.

Amazon Interview Cheat Sheet: Grasping Amazon’s Leadership Guidelines

Amazon’s Leadership Principles are the core of its business mantra and they permeate every decision made at Amazon.

These 16 principles are used to assess potential employees during behavioral interviews, as Amazon wants to ensure that all future Amazonians embody these values.

To be successful in an interview with Amazon, it is essential to understand and demonstrate these principles.

Because you’re going to answer lots of questions about how you’ve demonstrated these principles in the past, it’s important to have a good understanding of what they are and how they apply to your experiences.

Also Read; Amazon Leadership Principles Interview Questions

It is important to familiarize yourself with each of these principles so that you can effectively demonstrate them during your interview process.

So, the final part is in the interview process is the On-site interviews which are the most important part of the process.

In the next section, we’ll cover the Amazon on-site interviews.

Amazon Interview Cheat Sheet: Getting Ready for The Amazon On-site Interviews

Amazon on-site interviews are divided into multiple rounds, and each round focuses on specific areas of knowledge. The last on-site round will be back-to-back interviews and it’s also known as Amazon Loop Interviews.

Generally speaking, the first round includes an HR screening and questions related to your CV and background. This round may also include one or two technical or problem-solving questions, depending on your role.

After that, you’ll usually face the hiring Manager (the person who you’ll be reporting to) who will ask you more in-depth questions about your background, experience, and skills.

If you pass this round, then you’ll be invited to the final “Loop Interview” stage. In this final session, you’ll be interviewed 4-7 times on a single day, in back-to-back sessions, depending on the role you’re applying for. The questions you’ll get onsite interview rounds for Amazon are typically divided into two categories: Behavioral and Leadership Questions.

The behavioral interviews are designed to get a deeper understanding of how you think and how you respond when faced with difficult situations.

During this session, the interviewer will be evaluating your communication skills, problem-solving skills, ability to work in teams and even your body language.

The leadership interviews are designed to assess your ability to lead and manage teams.

The interviewer will be looking for evidence of your ability to think strategically, motivate others, and handle difficult conversations.

To prepare for the Amazon on-site interviews, it is important to practice answering questions related to each of the Leadership Principles.

You should also practice responding to behavioral interview questions that focus on problem-solving, communication, and teamwork.

It is important to be prepared to answer questions about your background and experience in order to demonstrate that you are the right fit for the role.

Preparing for the onsite interviews is not an easy task, and many candidates study for these sessions for weeks in advance. To be prepared as best as you can, we highly suggest you also read our On-site Interview Tips post and practice answering the most common Amazon interview questions in addition to this Amazon interview cheat sheet.

Amazon Interview Cheat Sheet: Key Notes for Amazon Interview Cheat Sheet

Ok, we covered most of the process today and as a bonus, we’d like to share extra key points with you as a part of the Amazon interview cheat sheet so you %100 nail your Amazon interview.

  1. Get to know Amazon: Take some time to learn about Amazon’s mission, values, and products. This will give you a better understanding of the company culture and show your interest in the role.
  2. Read up on the job: Make sure you have a clear understanding of the responsibilities and qualifications for the position you’re interviewing for.
  3. Practice makes perfect: Amazon often uses behavioral questions to assess your real-life problem-solving skills. Brush up on common interview questions and give your answers a dry run.
  4. Tech savvy: If the role requires technical skills, be prepared to show off your experience and knowledge.
  5. Look sharp: Make a great first impression by dressing professionally for the interview.
  6. Be on time: Give yourself plenty of time to get to the interview location, so you arrive feeling relaxed and confident.
  7. Say thanks: After the interview, don’t forget to send a quick thank-you note to your interviewer. This shows your appreciation and helps keep you top-of-mind. Also, after going through this Amazon interview cheat sheet, make sure to also see our interview follow-up tips.

Also Read; Amazon Interview Experience for Candidates

Amazon Interview Cheat Sheet: Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it is important to understand and demonstrate Amazon’s Leadership Principles during your on-site interviews.

You should also practice responding to behavioral and leadership interview questions in order to show that you are the right fit for the role.

Amazon interviews are notorious for being challenging, and the Amazon Interview Cheat Sheet is here to help ease your nerves and make the process go smoothly.

With this Amazon interview cheat sheet, you can be sure that you will know how to answer common interview questions, as well as understand what Amazon looks for in its candidates. Now all that’s left to do is ace your interview and land the job!

By the way, if you think you need professional help then be sure to check out our top-rated Amazon interview service too!

As you know at InterviewJoy we provide the best interview preparation services to help you land your dream job.

Recommended reading: What to wear in an Amazon Interview, The best Amazon interview Tips.

We hope that you found the Amazon Interview Cheat Sheet article useful. Good luck with your job interview process!

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