What to Wear to Amazon Interview

Impress the recruiter: What to Wear to Amazon Interview? (2024)


All the information in your resume and the answers to interview questions you have to remember in order to land the job, unfortunately, is not all that you have to worry about.

Your wardrobe and how you present yourself physically in an interview are also extremely important to catch the eye of your employer and leave a good impression.

So, what to wear to Amazon Interview? The dos and don’ts? What to wear where? (Also, see our other post about the Amazon Dress Code for the work environment.)

If you have scored an interview and you picked an outfit in your head to wear, perhaps by the time you finish this article you would have picked another outfit!

Interviews especially the first ones are all about how you present yourself during the Amazon hiring process.

A fun fact for you, by instinct, your outfit can actually make your employer completely forget what you are wearing and focus on your competence and skills, but only if done right.

Lucky for you, we will teach you how!

We will also provide new suggestions that could help you look your best, without overdoing it because overdoing it is a really big mistake that you don’t want to risk.

Especially not when attempting to make a good impression!

One thing that is important to note as you will see it gets repeated throughout this article, is being neat and tidy, regardless of what you wear.

If you were an interviewer yourself, wouldn’t the applicants that dress the most adequately and most professionally have the best impact and impression on you?

The same thing applies here!

You want your interviewer or hiring manager to be impressed with how neat, clean, and professional you look, without thinking that you are trying too hard.

We totally understand that that can be hard to do or even navigate. So, take this article as your blueprint or your guide and simply keep on reading.

Do you have a job interview with Amazon? Make sure to check out the Amazon Interview Guide to see how it helped hundreds of people to get offers from Amazon for a wide variety of roles.

4312Impress the recruiter: What to Wear to Amazon Interview? (2024) 4312Impress the recruiter: What to Wear to Amazon Interview? (2024)
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What to Wear to Amazon Interview: Interview Outfits For Men

Of course, there is no doubt that this deserves its own section that is separate from women’s attire in an interview because the two genders need to be portrayed differently when it comes to their outfits.

This means that the styles are not similar to be put in one section, so to ease your mind and help you out a little, depending on your gender, you can simply scroll to the section that is most useful to you.

Now let’s get started with what men should wear to an Amazon interview!

One thing you should be absolutely sure about is the environment of the place you will be taking the interview at, so simply what they ask of you -if they do-.

There are 2 business attires when it comes to the workplace, either formal or casual. This mainly depends on the environment, but it is something you should know.

Formal Business Attire:

Formal business attire is the first one.

Usually, this is the standard that is required of you to be wearing when going for an interview. Some companies don’t mind casual attire but this remains the standard.

Your interviewer at Amazon may sometimes communicate the attire required of you but the rule of thumb for Amazon is that formal attire is the go-to dress code in higher levels: L8 (director or GM) and L10 (VP) (although exceptions exist).

So keep that in mind!

But what does formal business attire mean? Well, we’ll help you with the specifics.

  • A single-breasted, two-piece suit. Preferably in a dark color.
  • A matching tie with warm colors, don’t go for anything too loud or flashy.
  • The suit itself should not be loud either with unnecessary imprints or designs.
  • Go for light-colored or pastel-colored shirts.
  • Make sure your shoes are scratch-free, stain-free, and polished.
  • Wear socks that match both the shoes and the tie.
  • Make sure the cologne you’re wearing is not too overwhelming.
  • Have all your documents with you in a matching suitcase, or at least a presentable one.
  • Preferably, you should cover your tattoos and take out any piercings that might be showing.

Casual Business Attire:

More often than formal attire, you’ll see Amazonians all over the workplace wearing casual attire in the office. From L3-L7(principal) roles, this means you can dress as you like without the fear that it will affect how your job interview goes.

However, it does not mean you can just throw on whatever either, not really! Causal might be a little laid back, but it doesn’t mean too chill for work!

So what does casual attire mean?

  • For the choice of pants, you can wear chinos, or trousers if you prefer.
  • Just make sure they are lint, holes, and stains free.
  • A button-up shirt will suffice here for a top. So no need for a suit here.
  • Wear matching socks with your leather shoes and make sure your shoes are polished and neat looking.
  • Jeans are not a good look, or shirts without collars, they look too laid back for a work interview.
  • Do not wear sandals or open-toe shoes, also too laid back for a work interview.
  • If your hair is long, you do not have to cut it or shave it but simply tie it back and use gel or something similar to keep everything neat looking. However, if you do not have long hair, then a fresh haircut will do the trick!
  • Your tattoos must be covered and piercings must be removed, regardless of how casual the attire is, you have to cover your tattoos as it does not look professional.
  • If your field happens to be IT-related, you can get creative with how you present yourself as long as it looks professional. This will not only give a good impression but it will also make your potential employer think that you are a perfect fit for the team with your forward thinking.

Your interviewer did not specify the attire. We have some more tips!

Many positions at Amazon do not really specify the attire which can get really confusing for applicants and put them in a little bit of a pickle. Amazon does not have a strict policy for dress code in the office and for the interviews, but looking neat is always welcome!

Fear not though! We have some more tips for you that will be able to guide you find the perfect fit.

Or at least make sure you are interview ready no matter what you pick!

  • The first thing you have to keep in mind is that no matter what you wear, you have to make sure there are no stains on it, no holes anywhere -at least none that are visible- and that it looks neat.
  • A little fun fact, the second thing most people look at after the face is the shoes, so make sure your shoes are neat looking too. If they require polishing, do this the night before. You do not have to buy new ones just to go on an interview, but they should at least look presentable.
  • Collared shirts should be the standard and the go-to. A shirt without a collar? Not interview material! Always remember that.
  • If ties are not mandatory, keep them at home, they will make you feel way too overdressed and over the top.
  • If you have a beard, trim it and clean it up, get a fresh haircut and tidy up how your facial hair looks.
  • Keep your nails clean too, a must!
  • Last but not least, keep it simple, sometimes less is more!
  • Be confident. Your nice outfit can only stand out if you are confident about it and about what you have to bring to the table. But, be friendly too! Amazon is big on easy-going, friendly employees.

What to Wear to Amazon Interview: Interview Outfits For Women

When it comes to women picking outfits for an interview, it is a little bit more tricky than it is for men.

It is not a matter of just polished shoes and a suit, because women’s clothing can sometimes be very flashy which is not a good idea for an interview.

This is why this article can be the perfect guide to help you choose the right outfit for you!

Formal Business Attire:

Since formal business attire is seen as the standard in many industries, then no matter your gender, you should look into what that looks like.

As noted before, Amazon does not have a strict policy for attire, but if you are interviewing for higher Levels like L8 and up, and would like to wear more formal attire for your interviews, then these next tips are for you!

  • The first tip is your choice of suits. If you think skirts suit you better, then wear a skirt suit, just make sure it is in a dark color, not a flashy one like pink, etc.
  • Since skirts do hike up when you sit, make sure your skirt is knee length! Also, make sure that the fabric actually stays put as you walk or move. That way you can ensure you are comfortable during your interview, and not focus the entirety of your attention on what you are wearing because it will show.
  • If you are not wearing a skirt, whatever pants or leggings you are wearing, check them for any imperfections or holes and stains beforehand.
  • If you have a tailored jacket, it would fit you better and make you look more presentable.
  • Whatever blouse you go for, should be the same color. Avoid prints or any designs that could distract.
  • Open-toe shoes are not a big no for women, however, if you have other alternatives that might be best. If your shoes have heels, make sure they are not longer than 2 to 6 cm maximum.
  • If you usually do not wear makeup, an interview might require you to put some on, very light and natural makeup so you can look more lively and awake. You don’t have to use loud colors, a natural, soft face of makeup will do the trick.
  • If you want to wear accessories you can, just keep them to a minimum, nothing too big! Small earrings will do, perhaps a thin necklace and a watch will suffice.
  • Make sure your hair is styled properly.
  • If you have any tattoos cover them, or any overwhelming piercings.

Casual Business Attire:

The causal attire for women is a little bit more laid back than it is for men, but it still needs to look professional. when you hopefully join Amazon, you’ll see that almost everybody will be wearing casual attire at work.

  • You can actually wear jeans if the position is very laid back, but preferably tailored jeans that are in one solid dark color.
  • Your shoes can be flat or small heels, closed-toe or open if it is summer.
  • Low-cut shirts or V-necks are not a good idea for an interview even if it is casual, you should remain professional and business-y looking!
  • If you have a cardigan, it can give a warm impression, without coming across as too much.
  • If you are a little bit creative when it comes to accessorizing, then a casual interview does not limit that. Pick a couple of pieces you like and have fun with it!
  • Don’t wear a perfume that is overpowering, keep it simple.
  • Style your hair nicely and make sure your tattoos are covered, and overwhelming piercings removed.

Final Thoughts

Picking the proper outfit for your interview might be a little hard, but it does not have to be a problem.

Here at InterviewJoy, we deliver only the best tips!

With the help of this article, you can easily make a good first impression and go on with your interview with ease.

Now that you know how to pick an outfit for your next interview at Amazon, why don’t you check out The Top 25 Amazon Interview Questions to fully seal the deal?

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