Interview Experience: iOS Software Engineer at Facebook, Menlo Park

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Service Description

**This service is provided as a video chat**

Hi all.

I prepared for 3 months for my Facebook on-site interview and succeeded by getting an offer to relocate in the HQ offices in Menlo-Park a few months ago.

Preparing for interviews is stressful and hard as you are working on your algorithms and problems solving skills, while getting feedbacks from a lot of different peoples on how it will be done, what will happen...
It is really easy to get confused, even more if you have to deal with a full time job at the same time. Good news is that like everything else, the most important part is practicing, practicing and practicing.
You should practice your problems solving skills, system designs, algorithms, soft skills, your coding speed, your attitude...anything could be done after the appropriate training and the right organization.

With this service, I'm offering you the plan that I followed to be ready for the on-site interview. It could be achieved in less than 3 months if you have a lot of free time or if your coding skills are already quite high. Between 3 to 6 months if you have to focus longer on the algorithms, data structures or systems designs knowledge.

The service is divided in 3 parts:
– Facebook Interview part 1: "How's that ?" : (30 mins)
What is a Software Engineering Interview ?
What will be process, the questions asked or the format of the interview ?
What should I know BEFORE my first interview ?
What should I learn or practice, topics will be listed and explained here : algorithm, data structures, system designs, soft skills...
How can you get better at them: a lot of platforms or services will be provided for you to practice, train, get better and faster at coding, solving problems on the spot...
How should I answer a question ? What should be my attitude ? Soft skills ?

– Facebook Interview part 2: "Get ready for it!" : (30 mins)
After you went through the part 1, you are ready for the real deal.
I will give you some examples of questions (asked during the Facebook interviews) and will show you how to make it through it the best way possible. What you should do when you DO NOT know the answer and what you should do when you THINK that you know the answer :).

– Facebook Interview part 3: "Mock Interview - A la carte" : (1H)
Personal 1-on-1 live mock interview, where I will interview you exactly how I've been interviewed. You are deciding here, coding problems ? Soft skills questions ? System design ?
It's your choice, experience the real interview feelings and questions live with someone.

This service is relevant for all global iOS Software Engineer or iOS Software Developer.
Please be aware of country immigration laws and requirements (for international applicants) prior starting any interview processes.

Thanks you for choosing my service and good luck with your interviews!

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