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The Ultimate Lyft Analytics Test Guide

Last update of questions: January 29, 2024 -The guide is fully revamped for the 2024 Edition-

With the continued layoffs and hiring slowdowns in 2024, it is getting increasingly harder to get jo offers from companies like Lyft. They would only accept the best of the best candidates and we're here to help! We created this guide to help you navigate the Lyft analytics test and added lots of additional info to help you through the interview process. Good luck with your interviews!


Lyft, a leading ride-sharing company, is known for its rigorous yet fair interview process that is designed to hire talented and suitable individuals who can add value to the company's operations and mission. The interview process often begins with a phone screen, usually with a recruiter or hiring manager, to assess initial interest, experience, and cultural fit. This is followed by a technical screen and/or an online Analytics Test, depending on your role.

As part of Lyft's commitment to hiring highly skilled and talented individuals, candidates applying for a wide variety of roles are often asked to complete the Lyft Analytics Test. This online aptitude test is designed to assess a candidate's ability to work with data, make sound decisions based on that data, and effectively communicate their findings. It typically involves a mix of real-world business scenarios and abstract problems requiring manipulation and interpretation of data. Candidates may be asked to analyze datasets, create forecasts, optimize operations, or answer strategic questions. The test is conducted online and can usually be completed within a set timeframe, allowing candidates to complete it at their convenience. The Lyft Analytics Test is a key part of the hiring process for roles requiring strong quantitative and analytical skills, helping to ensure that new hires are capable of contributing effectively to Lyft's data-driven decision-making processes.

After clearing these initial rounds, candidates are often invited for an onsite (or virtual, depending on the situation) interview. The onsite interview can consist of multiple rounds with team members and managers from different parts of the organization. These interviews typically cover a broad range of topics, including problem-solving, technical skills (for tech roles), behavioral aspects, and fit for the role and company culture. Lyft also places a significant emphasis on the candidate's problem-solving skills, understanding of the ride-sharing industry, and commitment to Lyft's mission of improving people’s lives with the world’s best transportation. Overall, Lyft's interview process is designed to be comprehensive and thorough to ensure the best candidates join their team.

As the A Step Ahead Publishing Group, we are providing aptitude tests preparation for Uber & Lyft job candidates for more than 2 years, constantly updating our questions based on real test taker feedback.

Lyft Analytics Test Guide Contents

The "Lyft Analytics Test" prep guide is a 97 page ebook (pdf) that contains many sections that will be useful for you during the online test plus 2 sample practice tests based on the real Lyft Analytics Test. 2 csv files are also included with the download.

The sections of the Guide are:

- Excel Import & Pivot Table Guide specific for the Lyft online test.
- Operational details you must know for the test. (This is also useful for in-person interviews)
- Keywords you need to know before taking the test
- Detailed "Essay" section
- 2 Sample practice tests with detailed explanations.

The Analytics Test is administered to candidates that are interviewing for many positions at Lyft, including Operations Manager, Community Associate and similar operations/management related roles.

The test is 90 minutes and should be done in one sitting. Lyft uses the classmarker website ( to administer it. The test has 21 questions ranging from data analysis to writing essays. Once you get the test invitation link from the Lyft recruiter you will have 3 days to pass the test.

We have been selling this guide from our own website for the last 4 years, but switched to recently. We are selling the Guide at a reduced price for a limited time at interviewjoy for a promotional period (regular price is 79.90 USD).

Please send us a message if you have any questions.

Best Regards,
A Step Ahead Team

Additional Notes & Recent Changes:

* We now added an extra practice test with relevant csv files (an additional 28 pages) to the guide.

* With the 2024 update, we added many more essay questions & answers which will also be useful for the next stages of interviews after the Lyft analytics test.

* If you are interviewing for Uber, make sure to check our highly popular Uber Interview Guide.

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