Don’t Panic! – Determining the "pace of grace" after a layoff

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Don't Panic! - Determining the "pace of grace" after a layoff

Malaika here! 👋🏾

One of the most valuable lessons I learned in my 5+ years in Tech is that "change is the only constant." I've been positioned in life to navigate some of the most unpredictable circumstances with grace and gratitude, so let me help you ride the waves with hope in your heart and a smile on that face!

This service is a video call session for 60 minutes. Please schedule a time with me using my personal Calendly link (will be shared with you in the transaction page that appears after you complete the purchase).

I'm a big fan of leveraging priority matrices, so we'll start off our conversation with some "low effort, high value" discussion points and go from there. See the rough agenda below:
Determining the "pace of grace" after a layoff: Session Contents
1. Yikes, so that just happened! (15 min)
2. The "7 Stages of Grief" (10 min)
3. I'm actually feeling pretty good right now, but I feel kind of guilty (or paranoid) about that. (10 min)
4. So if the world is now my oyster, how do I leverage the "pace of grace" as I figure out what's next for me?! (15 min)
5. Any questions you have for me (10 min)

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