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Apple Interview Questions and Answers for Program / Product Manager, Design, UX, & Sales Roles, non-tech Apple Hardware Interview Questions

Last update was made on August 30, 2023 (Additional questions that were asked to recent candidates were included)

Increase your chances to get an offer during the hiring slowdown period. Competition is now tougher and I've added more questions & answers from recent Apple hires to help you out even better.


I have interviewed with Apple for a product management role and got my offer recently. Apple's job interviews are not easy and considering the number of applications they receive, it is very important to stand out from the rest of the group by preparing with the best resource available (and what can be better than a guide that is created by people that recently gone through that stages and got offers!)

Apple Interview Questions

Apple Interview Questions Guide Contents

I have created an extensive document that has all the details of my interview:

1. My interview stages.
2. Apple Interview Questions I’ve been asked + Questions that have been asked to candidates in various roles.
3. My answers + sample answers to various roles from recent hires.
4. Role specific questions you will get during your interviews for manager, design, sales and similar roles, along with answers (based on recent hires' experience).

In addition to that info, I have talked with my recently hired friends at Apple (similar roles) and included their interview questions & answers in my interview prep guide as well.

Roles this Apple Interview Questions guide has helped candidates to get offers:

  • Product Managers / Program Managers
  • Product Design UX/UI Creative Roles
  • Hardware EPM, TPM, PDE Roles
  • Sales / Marketing Managers

This is an instant download document that is about 160 pages (pdf file). You will see the download links after the purchase.

I could not find a reliable / up-to-date resource while preparing for my job interview at Apple, so I believe this will be very helpful to many people. I think it is a very valuable document when you consider the opportunity it brings :)

So far, I've sold the guide to a wide variety of manager & associate candidates and got really good feedback (please see the reviews at the bottom of the page left by previous customers). Even if you are interviewing for a software developer role, I believe the guide will be very useful for the non-coding parts of your interview. While the guide is not specifically created roles, it will be very useful for the non-technical and behavioral sections of the Apple hardware interview questions (EPM / TPM / PDE).

**When you buy this Apple Interview Questions guide, you will be able to download future versions for free indefinitely by visiting the transaction page. The files on the transaction page will always be the latest versions available.

** Note: Please kindly do not request a recommendation & help in submitting your cv from the internal tools. To be fair to all applicants, I am only providing interview prep services.

Please send me a message if you have any questions!

Best Regards,


Note: Wow, thank you for your kind words and for your interest in my Apple Interview Questions guide so far. It makes me really happy to see comments that say "I finally did it! I got my job offer, the guide was very helpful". To this date, the guide helped more than a hundred people get offers from their company, and thinking that I had a part in this with my Apple interview questions guide drives me to make the guide even more useful to Apple candidates.

I regularly update the Apple Interview Questions guide (once per week or so) with the latest questions and answers from "insiders". Obviously, this is not a "cheat" guide to guarantee a job for you at Apple, but for the people who take preparations seriously, this guide will keep being as helpful as ever!

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Proud to have helped more than 100 people to get an offer from Apple. As many reviewers mention, this might just be the best investment in your life!

Sample Question and Answer from the Guide


Apple wants to open a uniqe Amazon-Go style cashier-less Apple Flagship Store to sell its hardware services. How do you design such a store? (tip: this Apple epm interview question has been asked in an interview recently)

Answering Approach:

Approach: For “How do you design X?” questions, you can use the following reasoning:

  1. Ask follow-up questions to clarify the question if necessary.
  2. Analyze whom the product is designed for.
  3. Analyze what the crucial features are.
  4. Do we have the relevant technology or we will need to create it?
  5. Compare costs and potential benefits of possible alternative solutions.

Remember: For all of these questions, the recruiter does not really expect you to solve them. Instead, they are looking at your reasoning and analytical thinking skills. Make sure you engage the recruiter while answering the questions and don’t forget to constantly think out loud while solving the problem.

Sample Answer:

"Got it, so we are going to design an Amazon-Go store, but better, since we are Apple, right? I would like to ask if there are any constraints on the size of the store?

(After you get the reply) OK, so let’s think: a cashier-less store aims to serve brick-and-mortar store shoppers of all ages by bringing convenience and security into their lives. It works by presenting a barcode on your smartphone to a sensor while entering the shop. The shoppers can now take whatever they want from the shelves and just go. The receipt will be sent to their smartphone.

The store will aim to tackle a number of issues by utilizing advanced sensing technologies (software and hardware):
- Security (shoplifting)
- Speed & convenience (no checkout lines)

So I think the crucial features of the store will be

  1. The ability to sense who is buying an item.
  2. The ability to understand which item that person is buying.

I believe Apple has adequate software and hardware solutions to tackle those issues. We do not need to invent new technology: it is a matter of designing the software and hardware interface.

Therefore, the store should be designed with the following features:

  • The store's cameras should include infrared sensors that cover every movement and shopping in the store, which can also measure heat.
  • The store should be designed in such a way that each item in the store should have a large, camera-friendly code to help the cameras understand which item has been grabbed and the computers will combine that information with data from weight sensors installed on every shelf.
  • It should also be designed in a way that when shoppers are done, they can simply walk back out through the door, and their phone updates with a receipt, along with a trip timer telling them the time they spent on the shopping trip.
  • The store should rely on a sophisticated hardware-software interface that will be developed by the Apple tech team.
  • The store should design in a way that Shoppers walking into the store can scan their phones on a subway station-like turnstile, connecting their presence in the store (as well as their family members or other fellow shoppers) with their profiles.
  • We should definitely apply artificial intelligence and machine learning principles to our store. For example, when our systems could not 100% identify what item is being bought by a customer, we should be able to his past purchase data to our benefit. (E.g. if our systems cannot decide if the item is ketchup or mustard and the customer’s past purchase data says he frequently buys ketchup, then we should be able to use it to your benefit).
  • If we have cost concerns, I would suggest we start with RFID tags on items instead of sophisticated cameras and weight-sensing shelves."

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