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Uber, one of the world's leading ride-sharing companies, has an interview process that is designed to evaluate candidates comprehensively, considering various facets of skills and experience relevant to the role. The process typically starts with a phone screening conducted by a recruiter to verify the candidate's qualifications, experience, and interest in the role. The phone screen is usually followed by one or two technical interviews, especially for roles in engineering, data science, or product management, where candidates might be asked to solve problems related to their field of expertise.

Following the technical assessments, candidates generally participate in what Uber calls the "Uber Jam," which is essentially a day-long series of interviews with various team members. During the Uber Jam, candidates are evaluated on a wide range of competencies, including problem-solving, role-related knowledge, and cultural fit. Candidates might be asked to work through case studies, hypothetical situations, or role-playing exercises that mimic real-world challenges at Uber. This comprehensive approach helps Uber not only evaluate a candidate's technical abilities but also their soft skills, teamwork, and alignment with Uber's mission and values.

As part of the interview process, particularly for roles in operations, marketing, and business development, most candidates will be asked to take the Uber Analytics Test. This is a data-driven aptitude test that assesses a candidate's ability to interpret data and make informed decisions. The test typically involves multiple-choice questions based on provided data sets and scenarios, with candidates expected to analyze the data and answer the questions within a given timeframe. The Uber Analytics Test is a reflection of Uber's data-centric approach to decision-making and helps ensure that they hire candidates who can thrive in this environment.
UBER Analytics Test Interview Guide
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Last update of the guide: January 26, 2024

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As the A Step Ahead Publishing Group, we are providing aptitude tests preparation for Uber job candidates for more than 4 years. Our renowned Uber Analytics Test Guide helped 1000's of candidates to get job offers from Uber.

We have been selling this Analytics Test Guide (covers v3.1 and v6.16 of the test) from its own website, but now we have moved it to interviewjoy.com. We are selling it at a reduced price (normally 89.90 USD) for a promotional period.

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The "Uber Analytics Test Guide" has the following content:

- Uber's operational info that is crucial to pass the test (for all Uber services)

- Excel tips & tricks, Pivot Tables and import & export guides that are specific to this test.

- Uber's keywords that you'll need to know for the test.

- Detailed essay section (about how to answer the paragraph/essay questions that are asked during the test with sample answers).

- A special section & sample test for specific questions that are asked in v3.1

- Detailed answers & solutions for the main 32 questions test.

We have helped 1000's of candidates to get into Uber and we hope that our guide will be useful for you as well.

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As of March 2023, our Uber Interview Guide (Complete Package) now covers version 6.16 of the analytics test besides version v3.1 as well.

  • If you are interviewing for Lyft, make sure to check our specific Lyft Interview Guide as well.

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