Google Interview Questions and Answers: PM, Lead, Director and all types of Manager roles – 2024

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Google Interview Questions and Answers - from an insider’s perspective...

Last Update of the Guide: May16, 2024 (questions asked in the last few months have been added + formatting changes, typos corrected).

Most useful Google Interview Questions and Answers Preparation Resource on the internet, as reviewed by more than 100 customers!

* With the hiring slowdowns and continued layoffs in 2024, competition is now even much more challenging and getting a job at Google requires no less than a perfect interview. With the most recent update, I've added tips, tricks and sample answers from recent Google hires to give you that edge. Good luck with your interviews!

Google is a great company to work for, and it receives more than a million applications each year. With the advance of new AI foundation models (OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google's Gemini), hiring behaviors and hiring tools undergone a significant shift in interview approaches. With this updated guide, increase your chances of getting a recruitment call, impress your interviewers and differentiate yourself from the rest of the applicant pool by investing in the Google Interview Questions & Answers guide created by Googlers.


I am Alex and I’m working at Google in a PM role and I’ve been helping many candidates to get offers from Google for a while now. Thousands of people apply to various positions at Google each month and I actually prepared very diligently for it. After finally getting an offer, I created a pdf document that details the whole process including how to get an interview with them and the stages I’ve endured during the interviews, complete with the questions you need to study to master your interviews (with answers). I am constantly updating the guide based on my colleagues' and new hires' feedback.

Google Interview Questions Guide - Who is it for?

This guide is relevant to all candidates who are not interviewing for a software developer role at Google (but I’ve also had a lot of customers interviewing for SDE & engineering manager roles who used it for the non-coding part of their interviews). Some of the roles that the Google Interview Questions and Answers Guide is useful for (helped candidates to get offers) are:

- Program / Product / Operation Manager and Leads

- Account Executive, Manager and Associates

- Technical Program/Product Managers

- Marketing and Industry Managers

- Sales Specialists, Enterprise Sales Executives

- Google Cloud Sales / Marketing Roles

Google Interview Questions Guide Content

The guide(ebook) includes many sections from how to get an interview, to different answering methodologies to various kinds of questions and all types of questions you will be asked, along with answers / answer approaches and techniques. Some of the sections include answering questions about:

1. “How do you improve this product or service”?
2. How do you design X?
3. How many X are in Y? (e.g. tennis balls in a bus)
4. What is your favorite product and why?
5. How do you measure X? (e.g. success of a campaign)
6. What is the problem here?
7. How do you position / sell / market product X?
8. Behavioral Questions for managers and individual contributors.

+ Detailed information on how to approach many other types of Google interview questions.


Investing in an interview prep resource is a big step towards bringing out your best during job interviews, so congratulations on taking the interviews seriously! Proper interview preparation can turn out to be one of your best investments. My instant download ebook helped more than 100 people to get offers from Google and I'll be really happy if it helps you as well. Please read through all the info on this page & check reviews to get a feeling of how/if it can help you. Please feel free to send me a message anytime if you have any questions.

I hope you find this ebook useful and get a nice job offer in the end!


Disclaimer: This Google Interview Questions doc is created by Googlers and ex-Googlers to help candidates who want to make a difference in their interviews by studying a lot. It is not an official guide created by Google Inc. This guide reflects personal experiences and advice about the interview process.

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Note: Make sure to check out the blog of the website, there are many good resources for interviews. I also recommend you to download the free CV/Resume builder template provided by the website!

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