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December 10, 2017

This was the most useful Uber analytics test guide for me among the >5 different services/books I bought. thanks.

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December 8, 2017

I used the Guide in preparation for the Lyft Operations Exam, as part of the interview process for the New Orleans Market Manager position. I found the practice tests were much harder than my exam. I had 16 questions, no essay, and 90 minutes to complete. This was a very valuable service and I am grateful for it.

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December 7, 2017

got my test invitation 3 days ago and used this Lyft guide to prep for my test (market manager - IN). Just got word from the recruiter saying I passed with flying colors. Basically, this book preps you for all types of questions found in the lyft's test like essays, math questions, multiple choices etc. and it gives a thorough excel course specifically created for the lyft's test. I am not sure I would be able to pass the test without the help of this guide. I am impressed with the work & highly recommend it, similar to what other customers also wrote. Thanks.

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