Amazon (& AWS) Company & Interview Overview


1,500,000+ Employees


450+ Billion USD (2021)


E-Commerce, Hardware, Services




Seattle, Washington, USA

Amazon Company Profile

According to Jungle Scout, an Amazon Seller Services platform, 74% of U.S consumers start their online product search on Yes, that is how big and impactful Amazon is!

Starting as an online book store, Amazon is now one of the biggest companies in the world. Its main business, online store now has millions of products across thousands of categories and well deserves its “Everything Store” moniker.

But e-commerce isn’t the only business Amazon is in. AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the biggest cloud computing platform service available globally, with customers including CIA and Netflix!

Amazon is also significantly invested in the hardware business, with products ranging from the Kindle e-book readers, Amazon Fire TV Stick and Amazon Echo smart speakers.

Amazon & AWS Interviews Overview

Although more and more companies are shifting to remote-work arrangements and interviews are switching to be more online, the basic interview structure remains the same.

For the latest information and insights about Amazon’s interviews, make sure to check out the Amazon Interview Guide here.

Amazon is famous for their standardized interview process in which the company roasts the candidates around their 16 Leadership Principles. Every candidate is asked to present cases in form of detailed answers to the questions from these LP’s and studying for the Amazon interviews is known to be a pretty exacting process.

Nevertheless, with structured approach and meticulous preparation, many candidates make this process much more bearable. Make sure to check the bottom of this page to find relevant services for Amazon interview prep help!

Normally, an Amazon interview will consist of four main stages:

  1. Resume / CV reviews and screening
  2. Initial phone interview with the recruiter (and, sometimes with the hiring manager)
  3. On-site or video interviews, depending on the role and location, where you’ll be asked questions around Amazon’ famous LPs.
  4. Hiring Committee review (a.k.a. “debrief”, a meeting where all your interviewers get together and discuss your interview performance.)

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Amazon Interview Guide

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