What is Amazon Star Method and How to Use It at Interviews

What is the Amazon Star Method and How to Use It at Interviews?

We consult many professionals for their job interviews, and those who would like to join Amazon often ask us about the Amazon Star Method.

To hire only the best people, Amazon has developed an exclusive interview process. We’ll be honest It’s a tough process.

There are many interview rounds for candidates and passing each one of them requires knowledge and experience in different areas.

If you dream of joining Amazon, you should be aware that the key to doing well during an interview lies in your responses.

The question is how do you give the best answers possible so that you can impress the interviewers?

If you like to learn a secret method to answer behavioral-based interview questions better, then read on!

In this article, we will explain what the Amazon Star Method is and how to use it, and why you should learn this technique for your next interview.

We will also show you some examples of questions asked by Amazon recruiters and how to respond to them using the Amazon Star Method. 

So let’s start with explaining the Amazon Star method.

What is the Amazon STAR Method?

What is the Amazon STAR Method

The Amazon STAR method is a way of answering behavioral interview questions that allows you to give concise, well-structured answers that highlight your skills and achievements.

In short, it’s an effective technique to answer the famous Amazon behavioral questions. It is a popular interview technique used by many employers, so it’s important to know how to use it.

The Amazon STAR technique stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result. Here’s a quick overview of each component:

Situation: You will want to describe the context or background of the situation you were in. This will help provide some context for the interviewer.

Task: What was your goal or what were you trying to accomplish?

Action: What did you do to achieve your goal? This is where you will want to focus on describing your specific actions and what made them successful.

Result: What was the outcome of your actions? Did you meet your goal? Was the situation resolved successfully?

Using the Amazon STAR technique can help you give a clear, concise answer that highlights your skills and achievements. It’s important to remember to use it when preparing for interviews so that you can make the best impression possible.

When you apply for a job at Amazon, there will be different types of interview questions you need to prepare for.

For example, if you’re applying for a software developer position, you might have to answer technical questions as well as behavioral questions.

For the technical part, you’ll show your expertise in the role by solving technical questions but for behavioral ones, you need something different.

Interviewers usually push your communication skills by asking questions about different scenarios and your reactions to them.

To give the best answer possible, using the STAR method will allow you to highlight your strengths and accomplishments while giving a complete picture of yourself.

You can use the STAR method to answer Amazon interview questions during your interview, and we will also share some examples of questions that may benefit most from this technique in the following sections.

Why Should You Learn This Technique?

If you’ve ever been interviewed before, you probably already know that behavioral interviewing is becoming more common.

At these interviews, the employer asks questions based on real-life situations instead of just testing your knowledge.

This means that they ask questions such as “How would you deal with a difficult customer?” or “Tell me about a time when you had to work under pressure?

Depending on your answer, they could either hire you or not. So knowing how to answer behavioral interview questions is very important.

It’s also important because the Amazon STAR method helps you get hired faster.

The interviewer will see that you have thought about their question thoroughly and answered it in a way that shows off your abilities.

So if you want to get hired fast, then learn to use the Amazon STAR technique to impress them!

How to Use the Amazon STAR Method at Interviews

In this part, we’ll give you some examples of questions and answers. Let’s take a look at some real-life examples of how the Amazon STAR method works.

Question: “Describe a time when you had trouble working with someone.”

Now, we know that the interviewer wants to hear about your experience dealing with people.

So our first step is to think about the context of the situation, then continue with the task, action, and result.

Situation: I was working on a project with a colleague and we were having trouble agreeing on the best way to proceed.

Task: My goal was to find a way to agreeable solution with my colleague so that we could finish the project and meet our deadline.

Action: I sat down with my colleague and we talked through our different ideas. We were able to find a middle ground that we both agreed on and we were able to finish the project on time.

Result: The project was completed successfully and we were both happy with the final result.

Let’s take a look at another example;

Question: “Tell us about a time when you face a difficult customer and how you solved the problem”

Situation: I was working in customer service and I had a difficult customer who was unhappy with our product.

Task: My goal was to find a way to solve the problem so that the customer would be satisfied.

Action: I listened to the customer’s concerns and I was able to offer a solution that satisfied him.

Result: The customer was happy with the result and they did not return the product.

Let’s look into a final example;

Question: Tell me about a time when there was a lot of stress in the office and what you did to help out.

Situation: In my previous role, we were trying to complete a presentation for an investment meeting. There was a lot of tension in the office and everyone was stressed out.

Task: My job was to review the presentation and make sure it is covering all the important financial topics.

Action: I took a walk around the office and made sure that everyone was calm. Then I reviewed the slides and made sure everything was covered.

Result: The presentation went well and everyone was pleased with the outcome.

As you can see, using the Amazon STAR method allows you to structure your answer to be clearly understandable from the recruiter’s perspective.

You’re demonstrating that you can handle any type of situation that comes up in the workplace.

And since employers like hiring candidates who can adapt to different types of problems, this skill is something that they value highly.

The Amazon STAR method allows you to explain complex issues in simple terms.

Using this method, you can show the interviewer that you’re capable of handling any type of situation and are able to structure your answers in a well-structured manner. And since you’re explaining things in a logical order, you won’t forget anything.

So now that you understand the basic concept behind the Amazon STAR method, let’s move on to the next section where we’ll teach you how to practice it for your interviews.

How to Practice for Interviews Using the Amazon Star Method?

How to Practice for Interviews Using the Amazon Star Method

If you’re practicing the Amazon STAR method, then you should be ready to go into an interview feeling confident and prepared.

But even though you may feel ready, there are still a couple of things that you need to do before going into an interview.

First, make sure that you practice answering common behavioral interview questions. We’ve prepared a detailed article called The Top Amazon Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers.

This article will help you out with the most commonly asked behavioral interview questions. It will also give you example answers on how to answer these questions during your interview.

Next, make sure that you have learned everything about the Amazon Leadership Principles. You don’t want to get nervous or flustered while talking to the interviewer about these important principles.

These principles will allow you to demonstrate that you know how to lead people. So if you haven’t already read our article on the Amazon Leadership Principles, click here to learn more about them.

Finally, make sure that you’re familiar with the Amazon Interview Process. By following this process, you’ll be able to prepare yourself better for your upcoming interviews.

Now that you know how to prepare for your interview. 


In conclusion, the Amazon STAR method can be used to give concise answers to behavioral interview questions. You’ll need to practice with it before an interview, though, because it takes some preparation to master.

Once you become comfortable with the Amazon STAR method, you’ll be able to find yourself being able to talk confidently about any topic.

Remember, when you use the Amazon STAR method, your goal isn’t just to provide good answers. Your goal is to show the employer that you’re capable of adapting to any type of problem that might come up.

When you follow this advice, you’ll be able not only to impress the employer but also to gain their trust.

By the way, we have some special Amazon interview services that you can take advantage of. If you like to practice with the help of Amazon interview professionals then check our top-selling Amazon gigs.

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