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I am an expert on Uber’s Analytics Test and its general interview processes. The team I built has been selling Uber analytics test prep materials for 1.5 years now and we are the original and No. 1 provider of the Uber Analytics Test and Interview Guides.

We are constantly working with recent test takers to update our materials and we take the Uber interview preparation business seriously. Please see some of my Quora answers related with the Uber Interviews here:

I also have a very popular Uber Interview Guide website (https://analytical-test-questions.com/uber) that sells only practice tests. Here on interviewjoy, I am providing 1-1 consultancy for Uber employee candidates and any professionals that are looking for in depth information about Uber, its interview processes and the analytics test.

The service includes the following:
– 1 Uber Interview Guide with sample questions & detailed test prep guide with online tests (a.k.a. “Complete Package” – normal price is 89.90 USD – updated on May 2017 and includes test v3.1 as well) – This is an instant download file, so you’ll be able to download it right after your purchase of this service.

– 1 hour video chat where we go through the interview processes for different roles, questions you can expect during your interviews and how to tackle them. Ask anything you want to the most prominent Uber Interview consultant 🙂

This service is relevant for all global operations & manager roles of Uber except software engineering roles and driver partners.
I prefer Skype chat but I’ll accommodate to your preferences & schedule.
I would like to complete the consultancy session within 14 days.

Thanks & good luck in your interviews!


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