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Amazon Mock Interview

Amazon, one of the world's most innovative and fastest-growing companies, has a rigorous interview process known for its emphasis on the company's core Leadership Principles. The process typically begins with an initial phone screen by a recruiter to assess the candidate's fit for the role based on their skills and experience. Depending on the role, there may be one or more subsequent phone or video interviews focusing on technical skills or other job-specific competencies.

Following these, candidates are often invited to a series of onsite (or virtual) interviews, also known as the "loop" interviews. In this stage, they are interviewed by multiple Amazon employees who evaluate their fit with the company's 14 Leadership Principles, which include customer obsession, ownership, long-term thinking, and others. Candidates will be asked to provide detailed examples from their past experience that demonstrate these principles in action (and believe me, it is not an easy thing to come up with 10-15 different cases from your prev. work experiences!). Therefore, understanding and preparing to illustrate these principles is crucial to success in Amazon interviews.

Mock interviews do play a pivotal role in preparing for Amazon interviews. These practice interviews offer candidates a chance to practice responding to the kind of behavioral and situational questions Amazon is known to ask, especially those related to its Leadership Principles. Through mock interviews, candidates can rehearse their responses, receive feedback, and improve their delivery. They can also help candidates reduce anxiety by familiarizing them with the interview format and types of questions they may encounter. Especially important, mock interviews will also assist candidates in structuring their responses using the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result), a format that Amazon encourages candidates to use when responding to behavioral questions. By investing time in mock interviews, candidates can go into the actual interview feeling more confident and well-prepared.


Hello! Please note that from time to time, I pause this service due to bandwidth constraints. If it is paused & not available right now, I highly suggest the Amazon Interview Guide service by Jacob,  as it is one of the highest rated services for Amazon interview preparation.

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Thanks & good luck with your interviews!


Amazon Mock Interview - Feel how it is like to be in a real Amazon interview without the stress of being in the actual one.

Ozgur is an industry veteran who has worked in companies like Google & Amazon and he has been helping candidates for the last 10 years to get job offers. During his tenure as the Head of Marketing at Amazon from Dec 2018 to June 2020, he conducted more than 40 interviews at Amazon, including phone screen 1, phone screen 2 and loop interviews, and hired many people for various roles.

Please check out his profile at LinkedIn here:

The positions he interviewed candidates for included roles like Finance Managers, Vendor Managers, Brand Managers, Marketers, Product & Program managers, Analysts & BI managers. (L8- L6)

This Amazon Mock Interview service is a ~1-hour video chat divided into three sections:

5 mins - get to know each other (as typical in Amazon interviews).
30-45 mins - Amazon Mock Interview: I'll ask 4-15 questions from the Amazon interview questions bank as if you're in the actual interview session.
10-20 minutes - Feedback about your answers & how you can improve them.
10 minutes - Answering your questions about the process.

This Amazon Mock Interview video chat session will be as if you were really interviewing for Amazon. It won't be easy and you'll have to be prepared - You'll be pushed & coached to give the answers Amazon wants.

Amazon has a pretty standard way of interviewing, each interviewer will ask you around 3-5 questions. What really matters is how you answer them. With the feedback you'll get and by experiencing the Amazon interview style, you'll definitely perform better in your interviews (customers so far received superb debrief feedback from all interviewers/hiring managers).

This Amazon mock interview session applies to nearly all roles at Amazon - even the engineering roles. But for the engineering candidates, I won't be able to help with the technical part (coding).

Amazon Mock Interview Service Details

- 1 Hour video chat (Zoom).
- You'll get random leadership principles questions, tailored to the role you're applying. The session will be treated as if it was a real Amazon interview.
- Please send a message after you buy the Amazon Mock Interview service and state your preferred times in the next 3 days.
- Interview will be conducted in English.

* When the service is not paused, please send a message to me using the "Send a Message" link before purchasing the service to check availability.

Good luck with your Amazon Interviews!

Amazon Mock Interview might be just the thing you need to secure your employee spot!
Amazon Mock Interview might just be the thing to increase your chances of getting an offer!

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