Amazon Manager Interview Questions and Answers, for all Manager and Similar roles (updated to include the 2 new Leadership Principles)

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Amazon Manager Interview Questions and Answers - for all non-engineering candidates globally. (including the 16 Amazon Leadership Principles interview questions and Amazon behavioral interview questions)

Last update of questions: January 30, 2023. (updated to include the two new LP's & recent interview questions)

* Amazon added two new Leadership Principles ("Strive to be Earth's Best Employer" and "Success and Scale Bring Broad Responsibility") to its list of 14 LP's, to bring the total to 16 at the beginning of July 2021. I have now added questions, sample answers and significance information for these new 2 LPs into the guide as well.

* With the recent hiring slowdown, Amazon is now extra careful with its hirings and offer jobs to only the best performers during the interviews. Make sure you prep to your interviews with the best sources available. With the last update, I've added more sample answers from recently hired Amazonians to give you an edge during the interviews. Good luck everybody!

What is in this Amazon Manager Interview Questions & Answers Guide?

This is an interview preparation guide from an Amazon employee (Jacob - that’s me!) who had been helping candidates to get into Amazon for a while now. I’ve also attended many loop interviews within Amazon as an interviewer for a wide variety of roles including (but not limited to) product/program managers, vendor/area managers, ISM, hr/hrbp managers, finance managers, various AVS & 3P roles as well as internships and creative/design roles.

Which roles is this guide useful for?

Amazon’s job interviews are unique in such a way that all non engineers get their questions randomly from a nearly fixed set of interview questions (even engineers get these questions in their non-coding interview sessions). Most probably you have heard that Amazon’s interviews are not easy and you have to answer the questions in a special “Amazonian way” to pass your interviews and impress your recruiters. Answers are expected in the STAR format, but there is also more to answering the questions than just the STAR format!

To date, I’ve sold the guide to candidates for many roles (and helped those candidates to get offers) including:

  • Product, program managers
  • Area Managers, fulfillment managers
  • Vendor managers
  • All AWS roles (other than engineers that work on software development)
  • Creative design roles
  • HR / HRBP / Amazon ERC
  • Associates / partner development managers
  • Technical Account, Program and Product managers (TAM/TPM)
  • SDE candidates (for helping with the non-coding part of their interviews)

for levels between L4-L7 and for all geographies including US, CA, UK, EU, LATAM and Asia.

Contents of the Guide

The Amazon Manager Interview Questions and Answers downloadable book contains two documents: One is a pdf file that gives you all the details unique to Amazon interviews from how to get an offer and interview stages to how to behave during the interviews. The second doc is an excel sheet that has about 100 questions and their answers/suggested answer approaches from an Amazonian perspective, including the Amazon Leadership Principles questions and Amazon behavioral interview questions (you can see a sample answer in the last image above this service description). I used a lot of feedback from my colleagues and interview feedback when creating these answers for the guide. These were the answers that got us into Amazon!

Please feel free to scroll through the reviews below to see if some of the information might be relevant to the role you’re applying. Amazon is an amazing company and its interviews are not easy. Good preparation is key and congrats on taking this seriously!



Keywords: Amazon manager interview questions, amazon manager interview, amazon tam, amazon leadership principles questions, amazon behavioral questions and answers from Amazon employees. As the reviewers mention below, this might just be the best investment in your life!

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