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Last Update: June 27, 2024


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Meta (Facebook) Interview Guide: Interview Questions and Answers. – Manager, UX/UI, Product + for all types of non-software development roles-

Last update: June 27, 2024

With the recent hiring slowdowns and continued layoffs in 2024, Facebook / Meta is now extra careful with its hirings and offer jobs to only the best performers during the interviews. Make sure you prep to your interviews with the best sources available. With the last update, I’ve added more sample answers from recently hired employees/friends to give you an edge during the interviews. Good luck everybody!

I created this Meta (Facebook) Interview Guide with the help of a few colleagues who are either ex-Meta employees or recent hires at Facebook/Meta, working on various managerial roles ( client solutions manager, industry manager, product and marketing managers, program managers, sales and account managers, technical managers, content specialists, etc..), and kept working with new hires to update the guide frequently (approx. once every month – and customers get free-download rights of this instant download file for life).

Contents of the Meta (Facebook) Interview Guide

– ~ 150 pages pdf doc.

– How to secure an interview with Facebook (Meta).

– Steps & options to secure an interview with Meta / Facebook. (How to get an interview with Facebook?)

– Recent candidates’  interview stages (details, the questions they got, and answers).

– Questions (~100) that were asked recently in the Facebook interviews and our answers (and our “winning” approach to answers for Product Sense & Product Execution etc. types of questions), with category and type breakdowns.

– Behavioral Questions for managers and individual contributors.

– Practical use cases of different frameworks for answering the questions in the “Facebook” way. (We also gave examples for when not using frameworks as they are not always beneficial).

– Facebook-specific approach for answering many types of questions.

– Examples from different Facebook (Meta) products / services (Oculus, Instagram etc.)


The Meta (Facebook) Interview Guide is useful for:

  • PM / Marketing / Sales Roles
  • UX / Design / Creative Roles
  • Account Executives / Managers / Associates

for Meta and its subsidiaries (Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Oculus etc.). But it has been by many more roles’ candidates to get offers (hr, software devs, retail managers etc.).


I’ve put a lot of effort into creating this Meta (Facebook) Interview Guide and it helped more than 100 people to get offers from Facebook across many different countries. The guide has proved to be very popular as seen from the reviews. Please also take your time to go through the reviews – you may find that it was useful for the particular role you’re interviewing for.

I hope that you find this Facebook Interview Questions guide useful.

* This Facebook Interview Questions Guide is not endorsed or created by Facebook

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173 reviews for Meta (Facebook) Interview Guide

  1. dillons (verified owner)

    very useful so far, thank you!

  2. punajmn (verified owner)

    Recommended for facebook interviews. Thank you sir.

  3. gillianm (verified owner)

    looks pretty detailed, thanks.

  4. darronc (verified owner)

    helped a lot with the eng. mgr. interviews, thank you.

  5. blaketrpp (verified owner)

    passed the Blake quality check, recommended 🙂

  6. katyy (verified owner)

    this guide helped me to get a job during this difficult time. So, I can’t praise it enough. thank you Martin for all your help.

  7. morningstar (verified owner)

    I got very similar questions, thank you!

  8. oculusrocks (verified owner)

    this was pretty useful for meta marketing interviews. Thank you Martin.

  9. muhtaran (verified owner)

    didn’t work :/

  10. lynden (verified owner)

    a very good resource for studying product management interviews at facebook. Lots of recent questions & answers to practice with. Seller was very responsive & helpful.

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