Project Manager Interview Guide, With The Most Recent Questions and Answers – 2023

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Project Manager role is one of the most versatile roles in any company and continues to be a one of the most sure-fire way to reach C-Level posts in a company (similar to sales roles). So it is no wonder that many people who are interviewing for the project manager role are searching for project manager interview questions and proper guidance on how to answer them perfectly.

Project Manager job interviews typically follow a structured format that encompasses a variety of questions designed to evaluate a candidate's leadership, organization, communication skills, and understanding of project management methodologies. Initially, candidates may expect a phone or video interview with a recruiter or hiring manager to discuss the candidate's experience and interest in the role. This is often followed by a more detailed technical interview which assesses a candidate's understanding of project management tools, principles, and methodologies, such as Agile or Waterfall. They may be asked to discuss their experience with project management software, demonstrate their ability to define project scope and objectives, or outline how they manage resources and stakeholders.

The later stages of a Project Manager job interview often include behavioral and situational questions that aim to gauge the candidate's ability to handle real-life scenarios that might arise during project execution. These questions can range from dealing with difficult team members, managing risk, handling change requests, to delivering projects on time and within budget. Interviewers also look for signs of strong leadership, excellent problem-solving skills, and a talent for negotiation. At this stage, candidates might also be asked to present a case study of a project they've managed or provide a detailed plan for a hypothetical project. The goal of these interviews is to ensure the candidate has the practical skills and theoretical knowledge to successfully lead projects from inception to completion.

A typical Project Manager interview Question is as follows:

Question: "Can you describe a project you managed that did not go as planned? What were the challenges, and how did you handle them?"

Sample Answer: "One of the projects I managed involved the implementation of a new CRM system for a mid-sized company. We were working with an external vendor, and the project timeline was quite tight. About halfway through the project, the vendor informed us of a significant delay on their end, which was going to impact our entire project timeline and potentially our budget.

The first challenge was to communicate this delay to the stakeholders, as it was a significant deviation from the initial plan. I took the responsibility of addressing the situation head-on. I arranged a meeting with all stakeholders and clearly communicated the situation, explaining the reasons for the delay and how it could potentially impact the timeline and budget.

The next challenge was to find a solution to the issue. I initiated an urgent meeting with the vendor to discuss potential solutions and how we could accelerate the remaining work without compromising the quality. We also evaluated our project plan and found some tasks that could be done in parallel rather than sequentially, which helped us save some time.

Finally, to address the budget issue, I worked closely with the finance team to analyze the potential financial impact and devise a plan to handle it. We managed to re-allocate some funds from non-critical activities and got approval for a small budget increase to accommodate the additional time needed.

In the end, despite the initial setback, the project was successfully completed with only a slight extension in the timeline and minimal increase in the budget. This experience taught me the importance of transparent communication, swift decision-making, and always having a contingency plan in place."

Project Manager Interview Guide Contents

As Interviewjoy, we have been working with recent hires and employees from top tech, consultancy and services companies for the last 6 years. The interview preparation guides provided by our sellers since have helped thousands of candidates to get offers from top companies.

After a lot of demand, we have now created the ultimate interview guide after working with recent hires from the most sought-after companies to work for, including Google, Apple, Facebook (Meta), Microsoft, Amazon, Salesforce, Square, Tesla, SpaceX, TikTok, Visa, Nvidia, MasterCard, Samsung, Oracle, Adobe, Nike, IBM, Sony, PayPal and many more.

Last update of the question & answers: June 3, 2023

The contents of the guide:

- Recent questions asked in top companies' PM interviews and answers (provided by recent hires and employees that we work with).

- A collection of most commonly asked Project Manager Behavioral Questions (and answers) asked in project manager interviews.

- Tips and tricks for answering questions from recent hires that'll give you (an unfair!) advantage during your interview.

- Supporting information about how to secure an interview with top companies and many more details about interview steps and processes.

Please let us know if you have any questions by sending us a message.

Good luck with your interviews!

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