Microsoft Program & Product Manager / TAM Interview Questions, Answers & Details

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Microsoft Program Manager, Product Manager/Technical Account Manager Interview Questions, Answers and Details

(Also applies for Product Marketing Manager, Associates, Operations Manager and Business Managers)


After a long process, I completed my interview at Microsoft for a Program Manager II role at Redmond and recently started working at the Redmond Campus.

I have created a detailed document that gives all the details of my interviews:

– The questions I’ve been asked.
– My answers to them (The recruiters were very impressed with my answers and they helped me A LOT in getting an offer)

– How to get an interview at Microsoft
– The list of all the questions that were asked to my colleagues during their interviews for a role at Microsoft. (I asked about 10 people in various managerial roles for the questions they have been asked and got their answers as well)

I am pretty sure that this document will help you a lot during your interviews. The questions and the process also apply to manager roles in different global offices since they have a pretty standard process across the board.

Last update: September 21st, 2019. (This update was a rather big one. I have updated the content significantly based on feedback and added more questions that were asked to my recently hired colleagues in similar departments.)



Microsoft constantly finds itself in the “Top Companies to Work For” lists, and it is not a surprise. With its products and services used by more than a billion people, it is one of the best known companies in the world. It has many offices around the world and it is known to make its employees happy. I hope that you get a job offer there!

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