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Google Company Profile

From its early days of providing relevant internet search results with its algorithm called the "Backrub", Google has come a long way and is now one of the biggest companies with its super profitable online advertising business and its hardware offering like the Google Pixel phone.

Google is now an internet advertising giant its revenues from the text-matching based Adwords advertising business is now larger than all TV and print advertising globally. Maybe a little less-known than its advertising business, but Google Cloud is one of the most widely used cloud services platform globally and its only second to the Amazon Web Services Business

In 2015, Google went through a structure change and renamed its overall business as Alphabet, Inc. Google remains at the core of Alphabet and is still the driving force behind the company's revenues.

Google (Alphabet) is also famous for numerous acquisitions through its history, most significant ones namely being YouTube, Nest Labs, Motorola Mobility and Fitbit.


Interviews Overview

Although more and more companies are shifting to remote-work arrangements and interviews are switching to be more online, the basic interview structure remains the same.

Always quoted as of the companies with one of the best work-life balance, it is no secret that this big-5 tech company receives millions of applications each year. Google's interview process is known to be one of the harder ones to crack, as the company is famous fr is riddle-type of questions to gauge the analytical thinking ability of the candidates. Nevertheless, with structured approach and hard work, many candidates make this process much more bearable. Make sure to check the bottom of this page to find relevant services for Google interview prep help!

Normally, a Google interview will consist of four main stages:

  1. Resume / CV reviews and screening
  2. Initial phone interview with the recruiter
  3. On-site or video interviews, depending on the role and location
  4. Hiring Committee / hiring manager review

A Structured Approach to Google / Alphabet Interviews

01. Do Your Research

At any time, you'll see thousands of job posts for various teams / roles at Google. Make sure you find the most relevant role for your skillset and previous experience as applicable.

06. Post Interview Process

The recruiter would normally reach out to you within 7 business days. Feel free to send a follow-up message after 10 days to ask about the status of your application. Good luck!

05. Prepare for Your Interview

Interview preparation is the most important step of every job application. Do your research on Google-specific interview techniques (you can find some of the popular Google interview support services at the bottom of this page). Also, reach out to the recruiter and ask if he/she can share some insights.

02. Tailor Your CV for the Role

With thousands of applicants racing to get the same position, your CV should stand out. Don't forget to tailor your CV to each position you're applying and prepare a short cover letter if the role requires so.

03. Apply to the Relevant Position

To increase your chances of securing an interview, you'll need to be strategic on which roles you apply to. Make sure that your past experience fits almost perfectly to the requirements in the role.

04. Follow-up with the Recruiter

If the job poster is directly reachable, feel free to send a short follow-up message after 2 weeks to ask the status of your application. Follow-ups are a good way of "reminding" yourself to the recruiter!

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