Hi! I am a product guy with a CS major, working at Microsoft as a Senior Program Manager (Program Manager 2), living in Seattle.

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Highly recommended for MS interviews. Pros: 1- A LOT of MS specific questions & answers (got nearly half of them during my interviews). 2- Good categorization of questions types. 3- Tips & questions & tricks for different roles 4- Explains the "expected behavior" during the interviews very well. 5- Professionally written. Thank you Ryan for this guide!
got the pm offer, thank you :-)
recommended for tpm interviews. Great guide with lots of content.
good content & helpful seller.
started my job today :) Sorry for being too late to write a review lol. Highly recommended for all microsoft interviews! This was by far the most useful & to the point & no guide I've used in preparations. Thank you Ryan :)
very detailed with good questions and answers, thanks!
got similar questions in the interviews & helped a lot, thanks!
I used Ryan's guide for my tpm interviews at Seattle and I'm impressed. Lots of quality questions & answers that I haven't seen anywhere else & got most of these questions (or very similar ones) in my interviews. thank you!