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Amazon Mock Interview, from an experienced ex-Amazonian
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The Golden CV Template (A Popular and Premium CV Template + CV...
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Very useful, thanks
This is as good as it can get to having the actual interview with the hiring manager. Superb session, thanks Ozy. Definitely changed how approached to some questions and feel that I'll be able to structure my answers much more suitable to the Amazon-style. Not cheap, but definitely recommended for folks taking the interviews seriously. Well worth the benefits. Thanks!
This was definitely my best investment for my upcoming interviews. Ozgur is very professional & experienced about Amazon interviews and it really felt like I was in the proper interview. It is amazing to see how wrong my style was in answering the questions and he gave me a lot of feedback on how to approach the answers the "Amazonian" way! Definitely recommend it for people who are taking the interviews seriously. I aced my two phone screens with his help and I plan to do another session with him before my final back-back interviews. Thanks Ozzy!
Very helpful. Thank you!
great service, thanks Oz. OZgur is the guy for uber interview consulting.
great session, thanks Ozgur. Recommended.
I find it very useful (esp. the heatmap section, and the empty template). Happy with the purchase.
downloaded. File is good thank you sir