Has a business development major and a grumpy cat. Works at this awesome company called Facebook. *The interview guide and tips here are my own production and the content represent my personal opinions. It is not endorsed or officially backed up by Facebook Inc.

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Facebook (Meta) Interview Questions and Answers, for Manager,...
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looks good, thanks!
5/5 stars. this was the most useful guide among the ones I've purchased. Professionally written content with lots of questions and answers. Product sense/execution questions, behavioral section etc etc. well worth the investment. I used it for my pmm interviews in london and got the offer I expected.
just got my pmm offer and came back to the website for review :-) Can't thank you enough Martin!!
looks great, thank you!
Really impressed with the content. Up-to-date info, *many* questions and answers to study for the interviews... Been to my first phone call with the recruiter and got 4 questions from the guide already. Recommended & thanks!
great help for the product quality project manager interviews. 4.5 / 5 stars as I had to download the files a few times to be able to open it without errors (don't know if it is an internet issue or the website issue).
The guide was very useful for my design pm interviews, highly recommend it to all meta candidates. Martin was also very quick to answer a few questions I had about the negotiation process and they worked :) Appreciate your help Martin :)
Using Martin's guide for my hrbp interviews (Singapore) and it has been going very well, got the call for the last round. Thank you!