Has a business development major and a grumpy cat. Works at this awesome company called Facebook. *The interview guide and tips here are my own production and the content represent my personal opinions. It is not endorsed or officially backed up by Facebook Inc.

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guide is perfect, got my offer. Can't thank you enough! (sales/mrktng)
successfully got my ux/ui designer offer with the help of this. Highly recommended, thanks Martin!
I got a lot of similar questions for marketing manager interviews (seattle) to the questions found in Martins guide. Was able to prepare detailed & clever answers for these and must say am really happy with the content & purchase. Buying & downlading the guide was seamless.
Martin's guide was very helpful with my ux/ui interviews. Highly recommend it for FB candidates, thanks!
been using this for my pm interviews for the last couple of weeks and can easily recommend it. A lot of good questions and "facebook" style answers.
highly recommended, got many similar questions. Sample answers and cases were to the point.
can't praise enough. Got my client solutions manager offer mostly thanks to this guide. Initially I could not access the files (apparently there was a problem with PayPal - sorted it out) and Martin was really quick & helpful to solve it. The guide has many questions & answers relevant to FB interviews and it a changed how I approach the questions (I think that is the biggest benefit of the guide). Highly recommended. Thanks Martin for all your help!!
used a lot of the contents in the guide in my interviews. Good questions & sample answers, useful breakdown of categories. product sense and execution questions were on the spot and I got similar questions. Thanks!