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Google Interview Questions and Answers: PM, Lead, Director and...
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good investment. Many questions I haven't seen elsewhere and good sample answers & categorizations. Doesn't have technical questions(sql, coding, binary sorting etc.), so not ideal for the technical part of software engineering/developer interviews - but the author already states that in the description. Recommended!
I used Alex's guide for industry leader interviews (sales & marketing) and highly recommend it. One of the best resources I've found and definitely much better than the free ones out there. A couple of extra info/knowledge here and there makes all the difference in google interviews and this guide has more than a few of them :) Thanks Alex!
well worth the purchase for candidates who are looking into Google specific preparation.
I think this guide was the best in terms of teaching you the "Google approach" for your interviews among the ones I've invested. Highly recommended. thanks.
highly recommend this for Google pm interviews. Got my offer :)
very good resource for industry leader interviews, thanks.
most efficient and to the point guide for google interviews among the ones I've purchased (account strategist role). One tip for fellow candidates: You will need to prep very well for the interviews as the hiring manager told me that the number of applications skyrocketed and it is now harder than ever to get into Google. HR/hiring manager were pretty happy with my prep & answers. Hopefully waiting for an offer now. If you plan to invest in interview prep guides, this one will be my easiest recommendation. Alex was also very helpful in answering a few questions I had. Thanks Alex!
I bought a few guides and this one was my go-to guide before/during the interviews. My final session also went well and expecting an offer. Alex, do you know how long should I wait to hear back from hr? (it has been 1 week). Thank you for creating this & for helping candidates!