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Guide looks pretty solid, TONS of questions available to practice
I used this Apple interview guide to prep for the program manager role and it was a great investment for me. It has both *many* behavioral questions and case/product type of questions with clever answers. the guide is pretty long though, so it is better to to have at least 2-3 days to work on it. Highly Recommended!
seamless transaction, doc looks pretty detailed at first glance.
I confirm that it was pretty useful for my program manager interview sessions.
pretty detailed with lots of questions and answers. Good investment. Thanks!
I used the guide for my technical project manager interviews at Apple and recommend it highly. The questions I got very very similar and the guide does a good job of explaining how you need to structure your answers
Having a pm interview with apple in a few days. Invested in a number of resources for preparations but this one seems to be the best after about 2 hours of digging into it. Detailed, good answers, "hiring manager view", what to expect etc. Overall pretty happy with the purchase, recommended.
Fantastic resource, thanks so much!