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confirming that the book was very useful for my new product introductions planning manager interviews. Well worth the investment, thanks!!
got this guide last week for my product design engineer interviews at apple and it is already pulling its weight. Many well structured questions (same or very similar to what I got in my two interview sessions) and the apple way of answering the questions is really useful Thanks for this guide!
I was laid off on March 2020 and unemployed for 7 months when I got the engineering program manager offer.nnWithout a doubt, this document prepared well and double my TC. I'm now in my dream company and I'm grateful for this study guide. It helps you organize your thoughts and helps you build your technical stories.nnIf you are serious about joining Apple and want to study, this is it. It takes about 3-4 days to complete.nnI'm forever grateful to you!!
Really useful for apple interviews. The guide has detailed insider insights from Apple employees & many questions and answers that helped me a lot during the interviews. Thanks to the the creators :)
I got an offer for a tpm role thanks to this guide :) Good investment!
I confirm that the guide was really helpful for my product design engineer technical lead interviews (cupertino). Lots for examples / questions and good sample answers. Well worth the investment, thanks!
used this for my pm interviews. Lots of questions & answers to practice. The guide also helped me a lot in structuring my ideas for the presentation for the panel interview. All went well and now waiting (hopefully) for an offer. Recommended!
Highly suggest this for folks interviewing for partnerships roles at Apple. Well written & detailed guide with lots of info & MANY Q/As. It basically made me get an offer on its own. Can't thank the creator enough, will now be working for my dream company! (my role is based in Europe but interviews seem to be pretty standard.) Thanks!!!