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Lyft Analytics Test Practice Guide + Sample Test (2022)
5.0 (65)
fixed Rate 59.90 USD
Uber Analytics Test 2022 Practice Guide with Online Tests,...
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AStepAhead's Reviews

proper preparation for the uber analytics test. Questions were a bit harder than the actual test, which was a plus for me. Also helps with time management for the real test! thanks!
very useful!! Thank you!
helped a lot! Recommended!
great practice tests, detailed answers & explanations. IT also has some good write-up sections to teach you the Uber way of communication. Overall, a very useful resource and highly recommended.
neat practice tests
good investment. Pulled me through the later rounds. Best practice test that I can find online.
Easy purchase & great practice tests..
I'm very happy I came across this. very good tests & explanations prepare you for the real test. Without this prep book I2m not sure I would be able to pass the interviews. Thanks!!