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Amazon Mock Interview – Feel how it is like to be in a real Amazon interview without the stress of being in the actual one.


I’ve worked as the Head of Marketing at Amazon from Jan 2019 to June 2020, did more than 40 interviews at Amazon, including phone screen 1, phone screen 2 and loop interviews, and hired many people for various roles.

Please check out my profile at LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thisisozgur/

The positions I’ve conducted an interview included roles like Finance Managers, Vendor Managers, Brand Managers, Marketers, product & program managers, analysts & BI managers.

In this service I’ll be doing a 1-hour video chat divided into three sections:

10 mins – get to know each other (as typical in Amazon interviews).
30 mins – I’ll ask you 4 questions from the Amazon interview questions bank as if I’m really interviewing you for the role at Amazon.
10 minutes – I’ll give you feedback.
10 minutes – I’ll answer your questions about the process.

This video chat session will be as if you were really interviewing for Amazon. It won’t be easy – I’ll dig deeper with your answers and push you to give the answers Amazon wants.

Amazon has a pretty standard way of interviewing, each interviewer will ask you around 3-5 questions. What really matters is how you answer them. With my feedback and Amazonian interview style, you’ll definitely perform better in your interviews (while working at Amazon I’ve helped a few friends before their interviews and all of them got offers with superb debrief feedback from all interviewers/hiring managers). As a note, I’ve actually got into Amazon with the help of a service on this website – Jacobo’s Amazon Manager Interview Questions guide)

My interview guidance applies to nearly all roles at Amazon since for all roles you get a question from the same question bank – even the engineering roles. But for the engineering candidates, I won’t be able to help with the technical part (coding).

Service Details
– 1 Hour video chat (Zoom or Skype) Amazon Mock Interview
– I’ll pick random 2-3 Leadership Principles that I’ll ask you the questions from. I’ll treat the session as if it was a real Amazon interview.
– Please send me a message after you buy the service and state your preferred times in the next 3 days. I’ll reply and then we can setup a time.
– Interview will be conducted in English.

Please send me a message if you have any questions.




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