Interview experience: Product Manager @ Google, Mountain View, CA

Mountain View, CA, United States
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I interviewed for the Product Manager position at Google, Mountain View office in August 2016.
By purchasing this service you’ll get a 30 minute phone conversation with me and a PDF document contains following:
1- A step by step description of my interview experience, both over the phone and onsite
2 -Details about the interview steps, whom will you meet, who is important, technical depth required, type of questions asked etc.
3- Advice on what areas to study and concentrate on, which hints to capitalize on.
4- Actual steps and problems asked during the interview process.
5- Suggested books/blogs to read and follow for a PM candidate.

Total Pages in the PDF = 3
In the 30 minute phone conversation I can dig deeper into the type of problems and the process.
You can also have a video conversation with me for additional amount mentioned in the extra.

  • Processing Fees: 2.40 USD

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Processing Fees (3%): 2.40 USD