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Ex-Amazon & Ex-Google. Career/Interview consultant and an entrepreneur. Linkedin:

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Service Description


Hello! Please note that I have paused this service for the time being due to bandwidth constraints. However, I highly suggest the Amazon Interview Guide service by Jacob,  as it is one of the highest rated services for Amazon interview preparation on our website and Jacob's guide helped more than 200 people to get into Amazon so far.

If you are looking for interview guidance on other top internet firms (Google, Facebook/Meta, Microsoft, Apple), you may want to check the Top Sellers List.

Thanks & good luck with your interviews!




Amazon Mock Interview - Feel how it is like to be in a real Amazon interview without the stress of being in the actual one.

Ozgur is an industry veteran who has worked in companies like Google & Amazon and he has been helping candidates for the last 10 years to get job offers. During his tenure as the Head of Marketing at Amazon from Dec 2018 to June 2020, he conducted more than 40 interviews at Amazon, including phone screen 1, phone screen 2 and loop interviews, and hired many people for various roles.

Please check out his profile at LinkedIn here:

The positions he interviewed candidates included roles like Finance Managers, Vendor Managers, Brand Managers, Marketers, Product & Program managers, Analysts & BI managers. (L8- L6)


This service is a ~1-hour video chat divided into three sections:

5 mins - get to know each other (as typical in Amazon interviews).
30-45 mins - Asking you 4-8 questions from the Amazon interview questions bank as if you're in the actual interview session.
10-20 minutes - Feedback about your answers & approach and how you can improve it.
10 minutes - Answering your questions about the process.

This video chat session will be as if you were really interviewing for Amazon. It won't be easy and you'll have to be prepared - You'll be pushed & coached to give the answers Amazon wants.

Amazon has a pretty standard way of interviewing, each interviewer will ask you around 3-5 questions. What really matters is how you answer them. With the feedback you'll get and by experiencing Amazonian interview style, you'll definitely perform better in your interviews (customers so far received superb debrief feedback from all interviewers/hiring managers).

This mock interview session applies to nearly all roles at Amazon - even the engineering roles. But for the engineering candidates, I won't be able to help with the technical part (coding).


Service Details
- 1 Hour video chat (Zoom or Skype) Amazon Mock Interview.
- You'll get random leadership principles questions, tailored to the role you're applying. The session will be treated as if it was a real Amazon interview.
- Please send a message after you buy the service and state your preferred times in the next 3 days.
- Interview will be conducted in English.

* Please send a message to Ozgur using the "Send a Message" link before purchasing the service to check availability. He is able to do max 1-2 sessions per week due to bandwidth constraints.


Good luck with your Amazon Interviews!

Service paused

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February 20, 2021

This is as good as it can get to having the actual interview with the hiring manager. Superb session, thanks Ozy. Definitely changed how approached to some questions and feel that I'll be able to structure my answers much more suitable to the Amazon-style. Not cheap, but definitely recommended for folks taking the interviews seriously. Well worth the benefits. Thanks!

June 22, 2020

This was definitely my best investment for my upcoming interviews. Ozgur is very professional & experienced about Amazon interviews and it really felt like I was in the proper interview. It is amazing to see how wrong my style was in answering the questions and he gave me a lot of feedback on how to approach the answers the "Amazonian" way! Definitely recommend it for people who are taking the interviews seriously. I aced my two phone screens with his help and I plan to do another session with him before my final back-back interviews. Thanks Ozzy!