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Meta (Facebook) Company Profile

Yes, the popular company Facebook is now called Meta. Most of you will know that Facebook as a social media application, but actually the company owns many services you use daily including Instagram and WhatsApp (both were not developed in-house but acquired in 2012 and 2014, respectively) and hardware offering like Oculus Quest (also acquired).

In October 2021, Facebook rebranded itself as Meta, "to reflect its focus on building the Metaverse". No matter what the name is, Meta is still among the top places to work for (although dropping a few places in the last year). Every year, it receives millions of applications from candidates all around the world and it seems that the ambitious project of "building the Metaverse", it seems that it will still be high on candidates' prospect list in the upcoming years.

Meta (Facebook)

Interviews Overview

Although more and more companies are shifting to remote-work arrangements and interviews are switching to be more online, the basic interview structure remains the same.

Meta is one of the companies that shifted to be more remote-friendly when it comes to its work force with the new realities of working-from-home. Their interviews also shifted to be more toward phone calls and video-interviews as necessary, depending on the location of the candidate.

Still, the basic structure is the same, consisting of four main parts:

  1. Resume / CV reviews and screening
  2. Initial phone interview with the recruiter (and, sometimes with the hiring manager)
  3. On-site or video interviews, depending on the role and location
  4. Hiring Committee review

A Structured Approach to Meta Interviews

01. Do Your Research

At any time, you'll see thousands of job posts for various teams / roles in Meta. Make sure you find the most relevant role for your skillset and previous experience as applicable.

06. Post Interview Process

The recruiter would normally reach out to you within 7 business days. Feel free to send a follow-up message after 10 days to ask about the status of your application. Good luck!

05. Prepare for Your Interview

Interview preparation is the most important step of every job application. Do your research on Meta specific interview techniques (You can find some of the popular Meta / Facebook interview support services at the bottom of this page). Also, reach out to the recruiter and ask if he/she can share some insights.

02. Tailor Your CV for the Role

With thousands of applicants racing to get the same position, your CV should stand out. Don't forget to tailor your CV to each position you're applying and prepare a short cover letter if the role requires so.

03. Apply to the Relevant Position

To increase your chances of securing an interview, you'll need to be strategic on which roles you apply to. Make sure that your past experience fits almost perfectly to the requirements in the role.

04. Follow-up with the Recruiter

If the job poster is directly reachable, feel free to send a short follow-up message after 2 weeks to ask the status of your application. Follow-ups are a good way of "reminding" yourself to the recruiter!

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