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With the economic downturn pushes companies to be more selective in their hiring processes, many people who are looking for a job is searching for job descriptions, salary and skills information to make an informed decision on their career options. While many roles seems similar in terms of responsibilities and duties, many of the roles are morphing into new areas with companies getting bigger and processes getting more complex.

Just as an example, marketing managers had a pretty standard job description 20 years ago, but nowadays marketing managers roles comes in very different shapes and sizes like online ads manager, traditional media manager, measurement specialist and many more.

Below we dig deeper into popular jobs to shed a light on job descriptions, duties, necessary skills and salary information for you to be able to make an informed decision on your job applications.

Operations Manager Job Description

You’ve given your final exams, submitted your final project and job applications are next. Searching through LinkedIn, you see…

Marketing Manager Job Description

It is amazing how the definition of “Marketing” changes almost every 5 years, and tools and techniques used in your previous job is obsol…

Product Manager Job Description

How does owning every aspect of a product that is used by millions across the globe sound to you? Motivating?

Executive Assistant Job Description Manager
Job Description

The first sentence in Microsoft’s Program Manager job post reads “Do you want to help revolutionize how Microsoft plans, forecasts …

Accountant Job Description

Once one of the most popular roles in all types of companies – big or small, is accounting still a preferable job? Some people may consider…

Account Manager Job Description

This profession, which has an undeniably important role within any company, stays in touch with customers regardless of weekend or off-hours.

Project Manager Job Description

Did you know that a project manager has many similarities to an orchestra chef?

Business Analyst
Job Description

We don’t know about you, but the first thing that comes to mind when we think about a Business Analyst is… A professional translator…

Customer Service Representative Job Description

It is no wonder that Amazon became the behemoth today by putting the customers first. The quality of Customer Support (and Customer Service Representation) is what makes or breaks a company.

Executive Assistant Job Description Manager
Job Description

Are you a person who likes to help others? Are you a super organized person? then being an executive assistant might be your dream job.

Social Worker Job Description
Job Description

In the simplest terms, social Workers meet with patients and client to make their life better. Voted as one of the most fulfilling jobs, social work has a big positive impact on our society as well.

Job Description

Are you a people person? Do you like to get socialized and meet with new people everyday, helping them to find their way around within the office or a community?

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