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In this page we listed popular jobs and detailed information about:

  • Responsibilities and duties
  • Best education and certification options you can get to secure this role in a company
  • Skills and qualifications necessary to perform well in these roles
  • Salary and other useful information that might be useful

With the economic downturn pushes companies to be more selective in their hiring processes, many people who are looking for a job is searching for job descriptions, salary and skills information to make an informed decision on their career options. While many roles seems similar in terms of responsibilities and duties, many of the roles are morphing into new areas with companies getting bigger and processes getting more complex.

Just as an example, marketing managers had a pretty standard job description 20 years ago, but nowadays marketing managers roles comes in very different shapes and sizes like online ads manager, traditional media manager, measurement specialist and many more.

Below we dig deeper into popular jobs to shed a light on job descriptions, duties, necessary skills and salary information for you to be able to make an informed decision on your job applications.